Our Mission

OUR Market Produce (OMP) Buying Club mission is to provide natural food resources to help individuals and families make improved eating selections.

OMP focuses on providing natural grown produce, free of pesticides and chemicals from local farms, into homes, and on family tables. Organic, free range and raw come at a price and although these foods are good for consumption, many people within our community cannot afford the quality standards of organic produce. However, we should not let food labels and the cost associated with them deter us from making healthier eating selections at home. 

OUR aim is to offer natural quality food for the purpose of health and wellness, not labels. There are similar concept companies in the area providing only Organic produce but the community needs our help with increasing  the consumption of fruits and vegetables in our homes rather than limiting access based on cost. 

OMP plans to include some Organic items into our bags but as most of you know Organic labeled anything is EXPENSIVE. As OMP membership increases with your participation, we will provide more Organic selections.

Food for thought: Natural grown foods, free of pesticides and chemicals is just as high in quality as Organic without the price tag. Ask yourself, what were you eating before Organic labels?

Join the OMP mission.


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